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Congratulations on deciding to purchase an outdoor structure!  Whether you are in need of more storage, creating an outdoor entertainment space, increasing your farm population or just want something for the kids to do outside, Lot of Faith is the place to shop.

You’ve decided what you would like to have….now what?  Take a look at these suggestions, ideas and tips.  We hope this helps you pick the structure that is just right for you and good luck with your current project!

Consider Your Space

Now is a good time to grab a tape and go out and measure.  While a lot of folks are good at ‘eyeballing’ or walking off a space; we urge you to take some actual measurements.

Is your preferred space level?

Many structures require that your area be level.  In the event you are considering a tubular metal carport or building, it’s a must.  Most of our portable buildings can be leveled for you.  Play sets look and function best on a level site.

  • Another note:  if you are purchasing a portable building larger than 12×20, our builders highly recommend that you place larger structures on a gravel pad, footers or a concrete pad; however, it is not a requirement.

Consider Your Style

What will look and feel right in your yard?

In the event you are part of a Homeowner’s Association, be sure to check out those requirements first.  Think about rustic, refined or somewhere in between.  Will a sleek metal structure meet your needs?  Do you prefer something that will blend with your environment?  Once you have answered those questions also consider….

  • Maintenance needs….do you like to do the type of work required to maintain certain wooden structures?  Are you looking for virtually maintenance free, such as a metal?  Keep in mind that even many of our play sets are available in either wood or vinyl.

Consider Your Needs

What will you be doing in, under or near your new structure?
Do you need natural light in your new storage building?  Planning on storing collectables?  Will the kids be having a ton of friends over to play on their new play set?  Will you be holding all the holiday cook outs and parties now that you have your new gazebo?  Once you have worked through how you will be actually using  your new structure, consider the options that work best to make that happen!  Windows, doors, extra swings, outdoor furniture?  Thinking of how you will use your space once it is all set up will help you order the best features and options to serve your needs well.

Great, you have it all figured out.  Now what?  Stop by the lot and let’s figure out the best builder and structure for you!  When placing your order be prepared to sign off on a detailed order for the builder, provide your down payment and sign off on our site prep sheet (which you can print and bring with you if you like).

Finally, relax!  Lot of Faith is here to answer all of your questions.

We know you are excited about your new purchase, and we are too!  Delivery and set up time frames vary by builder; along with warranty and options available.  We work closely with you to find the builder that offers just the right mix of price, options, timing and customer service in order to make the entire process fun.

Download our handy site prep form here. Tell us a little more about the location for your new structure.

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