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Our assortment of coops offer everything from a tiny space for one to a home for the entire flock. Safe and secure, our Amish and Mennonite built coops can be customized to your exact specifications.

Got eggs? Chickens, ducks, turkeys and even rabbits have found our hand built coops to be just the right safe and secure spot to call home. High quality, good value and fully customizable.

Some of our coops include a hatch in the bottom that allow the chickens total secure access to the pen underneath!



Thinking of becoming more self-sustaining?  Looking for a way to provide your family with good quality food year round?  Whether you are farming, gardening or just puttering around, we have a great green house for you.

Working with two different builders, we offer everything from basic to custom in a green house.  Our models are hand built, one by one.  This allows an attention to detail that is rare in the marketplace anymore.

Hunting Huts


Our huts are designed and built by hunters, for hunters or anyone else who wants to spend time out of doors.  Made from pine or red cedar in a variety of sizes; our huts are kept portable and easy to move.  Quiet and easy open windows, with or without netting, allow you the right amount of concealment when using your hut.  Little details like drip rails, brush holders and easy to move curtains make these huts just perfect for your hunt.  Available in insulated and non-insulated models, special orders are also welcome.

Not into hunting? Our huts work well any time you want to conceal yourself from wildlife.  Great for outdoor photography, bird watching and just getting closer to nature.  Stay dry, out of the wind and hidden from nature’s most cautious creatures!

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