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Lot of Faith Outdoor Structures, LLC is a locally owned and family run business. Founded in Spring 2012 by Tony and Melanie Cannon, Lot of Faith was born out of both want and need.

Living in Dickson County for nearly 35 years, Tony has seen the area change, grow and change some more. He and his wife of nearly 20 years, Melanie were both gainfully employed in the corporate world. “A longing to be more connected with home and the community; made us realize we needed to do business close to home….and find a way to make that business good for our community too”.

After spending years working with the Amish and Mennonite communities, the Cannon family thought that being able to bring the great craftsmanship and value these vendors offer to the Dickson County area would be of benefit to all. That is how Lot of Faith Outdoor Structures, LLC came about. As we continue to earn the trust of both our customers and their families, the Lot continues to grow with new and exciting products. Listening closely to our customers has allowed us to make small changes in our assortment in order to service as many folks as possible.

The Cannons are further tied to their community through their membership in Civitan, being members of a local church and their son attending a local school.

“We know there are a lot of places for you to buy outdoor structures from. Many of those places sell buildings as a side line. This is how we support our family. We understand that integrity, good communication and consistently good service is what our customers and builders need from us….and we deliver.”

We can be reached at 615-441-3003 Monday thru Saturday

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